Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another turn of my life.

As we all have one life our parents try their best to kill us in our single life by this so called thing EDUCATION ( i hate this word ) , so for satisfying the wishes of our parents, we go to schools , we go to colleges , and then after passing out from college. The most important part of our education comes, which may be called UNIVERSITY ( yes i get goose bumps when i say this word ) .

University university and university, so much to say about universities :D i joined FAST NUCES recently and i've spent three days in that university :p and most of the time i've spent till now , i've enjoyed it, yes by most i mean most, not all. I hate seniors who take ragging too a next level  , so as university is a major part of our life :p ill list a few of the things that I find really exciting

1. We are free. YES we are literally free. By free i mean we get so much liberty as compared to our colleges and schools. No uniform YES , ( some still have uniforms ) wearing your own garments to get education gives you a great feeling inside which i know many of you have felt :p , VERY VERY VERY LESS RULES , no assemblies , no being formal and the best thing ever is we can come to universities at the time we like. There is no thing named as being late in the premises.

2. As we have to fulfill our parents wishes (ughhh) , let me tell you something about education in universities. No memorization , this gives advantage to the students who really want to study rather than those who just * RATTOFY * the course and gain marks in their prior levels. Universities give you real education rather than books to study and memories as quickly as you can. And yes i hated college education :D

3. Seniors, lets talk about them for a bit, seniors are made to destroy any self confidence that freshman may have gained in their past 15 years of schooling. And they do a fantastic job. They really do , haha. Well seniors are those people who are there to help you in every work/field/project/assignment and you can not imagine the fun you have with seniors ( if you aren't introvert :p ) . Freshmen sometimes do get annoyed by their ragging but the time spent with your seniors won't be forgotten and it is fun as hell. Seniors make your life great :D.

4. Activities, except education. I can proudly say that universities nurture your skills in any field you have. Universities offer alot of things except education in the respective field.
5. Well we all had it in school and college life, so we have it in university life also. The canteen or often known as cafeteria, :D . Cafeterias or canteens in universities can be a lot of fun. Even if we are busy, the hungry, tired, angry or just bored. We can go to our canteens and find alot of friends and fun to do over there. (Caution : Seniors too) . The things we eat, the things we do , the friends we hangout with around canteen, and especially , the CRAZIEST things we do to impress others will always stay in our memories. University canteens are the best thing canteens ever.

So,that’s all for today. Hope you all like my todays post.


The societies that we dwell in are made by human beings,human beings who have not only created a large number of laws,rules,regulations and principles but also norms and customs. All these terms are almost synonymous except for a slight difference in meanings and consequences.
Most societies have a defined range of  acceptable,appreciable or discouraged pattern of human behaviors. An act or habbit that has a negative consequence or effect on others is termed as a social evil and is often rejected by a society and in many cases subjected to forceful legal responses.
In our society, as it is mostly poised with religion based dos and donts,more often than not,theft,decoity,lying,backbiting etc are considered major social evils.
However,my personal list of social evils is a lil different and encompasses arounf the aspects that directly hurts or harm others and their interests. The list is as follows
1) Theft/stealing as it deprives others  of life long earnings.
2) Lying as it creates false hopes
3) Cheating for unlawful gain to one and other.
4) Backbiting that damages/ harms someone's good will and reputation.
5) Drug abuse both for self and others since,it ruins the lives or entire family.
6) Bribe because it gives undesirable advantages or expectations to law breaking individuals.
7) Inefficiency  as it leads to a series of failures for self organisations and country as a whole.
8)Nepotism/ favoritism  is it gives non deserving individuals an advantage over deserving ones.
Yeah,this has been a really sad post and the topic as well, but it hurts to see such society evils doing nothing but worsening the situation more than ever! But but,we have to live even at the saddest of times,beacuse according to katty perry " AFTER A HURRICANE COMES A RAINBOW" :)
Hope you all like it,stay tunned.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

This only happens in Pakistan!

Okay.. so i mentioned about the extended weekend in my prior post right?
now hear what we all are going through.


mobile services are down in Pakistan due to security motives.
Its not like we will die or something but still..
Is it the solution of terrorism my country is going through?
like Wont there be other ways of violence too?
Is it a everlasting solution?
Is this what we all can do for our country on permanent basis?
 no terrorism,bombing,violence  and extremism for 3 days right?
what about the rest of the 27 days?
what about the rest 362 days?
It just shows that nobody is actually really trying to get rid of this problem.
Authorities are just clearing their names by putting such restrictions to have a stamp of " WE DID OUR BEST " on this one.

 Its not the solution people. Our lives are not a joke. Stop making a folly out of ourselves.We do have the sense of right and wrong ok? We know this is no permenant solution.  I don’t think the authorities will do anything on their own. We PAKISTANIS now have to do everything for ourselves,our safety and protection. Something like the FRENCH REVOLUTION PERHAPS.

Monday, 20 August 2012



a day filled with delight, a day filled with happiness.A day for which we wait for so many days,a day on which tears turn into laughter, a day which makes everyone content. A day on which all the grudges and misunderstandings are overlooked..
 A day which makes every Muslim feel the joy, feel equally glad as others.  Eid al-Fitr is a day of great cheerfulness and thanksgiving. Muslims celebrate by gathering with friends and family, preparing sweet fragilities, wearing new garments, giving each other gifts and putting up lights and other decorations in their homes. A common greeting during this holiday is Eid Mubarak, which means, “Have a good sanctified eid “

Eid ul fitar comes after ramadhan ! The most pleasant month in a Muslims life,our schedule changes.. everything changes. We becomes more thoughtful about our deeds, faith and cognizant about our activities. We start thinking beyong ourselves,more like we start living for others .
When we get eid ul fitar we usually are a lil unhappy about ramadhan  saying good bye to all of us,as no month can be this blissful for us as RAMADHAN KAREEM J
But Eid is eid no matter what ! :D

funny thing  : after 30 days of controlling ourselves from eating and drinking for hours in day time, we literally feel  like breaking our fast if we eat during the day after eid  ^^

It is said that  choti Eids (the eid we get after ramadhan,also known as meethi eid,and eid-un-saeed ) are special for girls as they do a lot of shopping,otherwise on EID UL AZHA ( festival of sacrifice) ladies are usually busy with arranging the meat and stuff that they hardly get time to enjoy ..Although the crowd of girls on stalls of bangles and cosmetics is always there!
after all it’s the time in year when a smile can be seen on every face,the smiles on the faces of young fellows while shopping for eid is adorable.. J
a few bangles stall :
bangles :)

bazaars on eid 
bargaining session :p

the bazaars are so over crowded that you can't even stand in that crowd,lasies bargaining all around you and shop keepers selling stuff on doble prices is really a delight to witness :D
plus girls never celebrate eid without hena :)
they make beautiful designs on their hands to express the joy and happiness :)
my sister told the mehndi girl to make a bridal design

besides cooking of delicious dishes and foods holds significance in eids .
Ladies especially mothers cook new and mouth watering dishes..
sheeer khurma is one thing always made on this eid.. and then biryanis ofcourse..
these are the things that are made in every second house in Pakistan .

Gents offer prayer in mosques,before they leave for the namaaz (prayer) they usually eat some dates as per sunnah ..  and when they return the whole family gets the breakfast.
meanwhile the ladies get ready.
after the breakfast , eidi is distributed among the kids ( eidi is the money given to the young lot for which we all are excited ) no age limit counts in it,I see my mother giving eidi to me,and her mother ( my grandma ) giving eidi to her and this continues J
Functions, gathering and parties is all what eid is for us.. as we don’t have any such responsibilities on our shoulders now J


I wish to get eidis from you all though :p..
just a potrayal attemmpt of pakistani eid ! :D

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Firstly a heartiest  and sincerest Congratulations to all my muslim brothers and sisters..
As the holy month of ramadhan has started and ramadhan is a month marked for clemency, mercy and compassion  I’d request you all to ask for your forgivness and mercy and display that too..  Mostly people get short tempered in ramadhan but this is what we have to do right? Be patient and tolerant  :D
Remember my tame your temperament post  ? :p
They’re linked :D

Anyways, The dream of a man,a common man.. to earn well,to live a long successful life,to get the necessities of life,having a good position in society right? ..
due to the progression in sciences esp medical sciences is really making this imaginable. Not the earn well part but the long life thing. Life expectancy is increasing with a massive population growth. Over population is obviously causing glitches in the society.. but that’s not my topic today..
the main thing which I wanted to write.. which is the real message of  my today’s post is..
reached 25?
throw your parents away !!
yes,this is what happening these days.. as soon as people start earning.. so that they can fulfill the necessities of life and fill up their bellies.. they throw their parents away.. the concept of old age houses wasn’t that common in east as staying with parents was always considered an honor and opportunity to pay back the kindness and benevolence of your parents they always showed, The concept of old age homes had always been a western thing as the two generations usually don’t like living under the same roof ..   
But things have changed now,system is revolutionizing..  things which were considered discreditable and dishonorable are now done with proud and honour..
Due to busy lives or social issurs ,the parents after a certaint tenure of negligence are thrown to place
called OLD AGE HOME..

Ofourse, the basic necessities of routine living are provided there,shelter food and clothing infact all the nesesities are well looked after but the care and much needed love is missing.. who in the world can be as satisfying and soothing as your own children?
My mother  when studying psychology went to an old age home and she told me that almost everybody there was waiting for their kids,she says that it was really disturbing and touching to hear their stories.. The stories were almost the same,reasons of being thrown out were mainy some social issues,or some permanent disability which obviously was and is considered a ful fledged liability on one’s shoulder.. The parents were not ready to believe that their children are enjoying lives without them . Most of them either men or women were left at such places  by giving the hope that they’ll soon be taken back to their respectable houses.
Though, this wait never ends and many die being a victim of depression. Loneliness amd sloitude..
anxiety and frustrations are rising in such places and there is nothing authorities can do about it.
No matter how well they are looked after in these homes, a single visit to an old age home brings depression to the onlooker as, no one seems to be happy there ..

I am planning to visit an old age home if possible.. as im really curious to know why and how this can happen.. and what is the state of mind of parents of such unlucky children who can’t even look after their parents when they are not strong enough to take care of themselves.
We get what we do. The next generation will definitely do the same with us If we don’t stop this right here .
this is a topic about which i can write my hands off.. so,ill just end up by sharing this picture..
Love ! 

Monday, 16 July 2012



 From dora and from me too :D
this is how I miss you dora :D
And offcourse,I  loveth  dora :D
me and my sister used to sit down on the same couch and watch this for hours when our mom had something important to do.. The only thing I can remember so far which me and my sister used to do WITHOUT A BATTLE: p
my sister used to call me boots “THE MONKEY “ :p
yes,I want to explore like her too ,  explore the world,the galaxy,this UNIVERSE   :D
by explore the thought of internet explorer comes in my mind .. No I don’t want to be that slow :p

YEEESSS!! This is what happening :D
Hell  yeaaaahhh :D
I just came back from a jogging track in front of my house :D
I didn’t jog just sat there and laughed and smiled and idk whaaat !! :D
Nothing is more fun than dizzling with this strong winds of karachi,just so you all know the weather here in Karachi is amazing these days .. The strong fresh breeze, the  darkness,the stars and some unknown emotional roller coaster of joy.. times you want to be alone and enjoy  :D


New starts always excite me..
The joy the happiness in just worth everything :)..
Most importantly: today was my first day of my new class :D
The last year of my college life I.a..
I’ll insha’Allah be going to university next year :D
The day was hectic.. really hectic ..
With 3 consecutive chemistry classes,and double mathematics ..
But since,it was the first day I didn’t bother looking at my books  and listening to the lecture which is like lullaby to my ears :p
I was looking out of the window when I saw teacher approaching me :p
I was making the structure of propyne and I jumped to octyne :p
And teacher said good raiha..  taking good compliments from a chemistry teacher  is something really shocking :p
so I told her the truth,and the rest of the time she stood on my head and I was forced to make all the structures and then the flow chart on the board which she just explained.. :p
WHHHAAATT THEE HELL ?  who in the world can memorize a flow chart in just 15 minutes ..
atleast not me :p
When actually I was looking out of the window :p
But I still tried .. i made the chart right but nobody bothered appreciating..
So I asked the teacher if I could just explain it too.. and then in CHEMISTRY I involved physics .. botany , zoology nature and what not  :p

Then in maths class.. something strange happened to me :p
I was doing all my questions correctly.. and suddenly I remembered what I saw last night
Hahaha.. but I didn bother rechecking them :p
What in world are teachers being paid for? :p
Its her duty,not mine :p


And I made a decision today ,big decision.. BIG GIRL ,remember ? :D :p
Its really risky but lets share its story after I get it approved :D
Tomorrow hopefully J..
once one of my teacher come freind told me that before making any decision .. 
just think about the worst that can happen because of it and have courage and power to deal with it
becuae you cant stop yourself from taking decisions ..
There is no harm in taking risks as YOLO :)


Monday, 25 June 2012


One word to describe the inhabitants of this world?
Earthlings? Social animals? Human beings? Homo sapiens?all alive and kicking?
community? A group of people living together ,giving and taking benefits of each other, in other words a “group”?
Im sorry to say but non of these clicked my mind when I thought about the people of this world. But the one word that striked my mind was “MATERIALISTIC PEOPLE “ .
Men are valued not for what they are but for what they seem to be.
Yes,today im writing about the money oriented people who have overfilled this world. The world isn’t an area of luxury, lavishness, comfort,relaxation and love anymore .it is just a place where individuals from their first breath are treated on the basis of their prestige. Obviously a new born doesn’t have any standing in the society so they are given the position of their parents. They are loved and valued according to their parents position. We never adore a baby of a lower standard or mediocre person as a higher standard and rich.
Not fair!
We are now more valued on what we wear, where we live, which car we drive, which hottest gadget we own , what job our parents do,what is our family background like.Yes,this is all we want to know about someone we decide to manage networks with. We prefer well off people to be around us,to be called our mates rather than those who truly can be our friends for life time !
This is not about me and you,its about our society and the attitude of the people here globally .
I believe that people who are more self conscious,status conscious or self-doubting  generally are more avaricious than those who have a higher level of self confidence. They are actually insecure and
Under confident . They need a backup, a support ,a boost and a help from those well offs.These people are dependent on others more than themselves . More sure about other’s abilities than their. This is what makes them materialistic.
US ALL actually.
We live in our desires rather than in our achievments.
And thn comes,the greatest greatest evil and weakness of the society ,the most distructing step indeed which is that people usually make wrong judgments. They support the people who are having a better standard as they say “the well to do believe to be true”. No matter how damaging steps they take for the society,how immoral things they do,how evil and wicked they are.. people always support them because of their prominence and importance in the society ,because of their ranks and positions. Nobody really care about the adverse effects these things are going to bring with them. It’s a long term destruction though.  It always amazes me when I see such unfair actions by our so called LEADERS and HEADs and those who are given authority over us.
We all should always pray that we don’t do any such thing , we don’t hurt anyone with our unjust decisions,self made preferences and the greed that is buried deep inside our souls never overcomeour try of being  just with all .
love J !