Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another turn of my life.

As we all have one life our parents try their best to kill us in our single life by this so called thing EDUCATION ( i hate this word ) , so for satisfying the wishes of our parents, we go to schools , we go to colleges , and then after passing out from college. The most important part of our education comes, which may be called UNIVERSITY ( yes i get goose bumps when i say this word ) .

University university and university, so much to say about universities :D i joined FAST NUCES recently and i've spent three days in that university :p and most of the time i've spent till now , i've enjoyed it, yes by most i mean most, not all. I hate seniors who take ragging too a next level  , so as university is a major part of our life :p ill list a few of the things that I find really exciting

1. We are free. YES we are literally free. By free i mean we get so much liberty as compared to our colleges and schools. No uniform YES , ( some still have uniforms ) wearing your own garments to get education gives you a great feeling inside which i know many of you have felt :p , VERY VERY VERY LESS RULES , no assemblies , no being formal and the best thing ever is we can come to universities at the time we like. There is no thing named as being late in the premises.

2. As we have to fulfill our parents wishes (ughhh) , let me tell you something about education in universities. No memorization , this gives advantage to the students who really want to study rather than those who just * RATTOFY * the course and gain marks in their prior levels. Universities give you real education rather than books to study and memories as quickly as you can. And yes i hated college education :D

3. Seniors, lets talk about them for a bit, seniors are made to destroy any self confidence that freshman may have gained in their past 15 years of schooling. And they do a fantastic job. They really do , haha. Well seniors are those people who are there to help you in every work/field/project/assignment and you can not imagine the fun you have with seniors ( if you aren't introvert :p ) . Freshmen sometimes do get annoyed by their ragging but the time spent with your seniors won't be forgotten and it is fun as hell. Seniors make your life great :D.

4. Activities, except education. I can proudly say that universities nurture your skills in any field you have. Universities offer alot of things except education in the respective field.
5. Well we all had it in school and college life, so we have it in university life also. The canteen or often known as cafeteria, :D . Cafeterias or canteens in universities can be a lot of fun. Even if we are busy, the hungry, tired, angry or just bored. We can go to our canteens and find alot of friends and fun to do over there. (Caution : Seniors too) . The things we eat, the things we do , the friends we hangout with around canteen, and especially , the CRAZIEST things we do to impress others will always stay in our memories. University canteens are the best thing canteens ever.

So,that’s all for today. Hope you all like my todays post.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder what my university would be like.

    Oh, and I mentioned you here :D

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  3. Hey there.. Iv just returned to blogging after a long time.

    Hope your journey through university was good and that u graduated with flying colours.

    Hope to see ur next post soon.

  4. Hey there.. Iv just returned to blogging after a long time.

    Hope your journey through university was good and that u graduated with flying colours.

    Hope to see ur next post soon.